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In the theatre

Holiday Workshops

We hold performing arts themed workshops during each half term and holiday at Chilworth Village Hall in Chilworth. This is just a five minute drive from Guildford Town Centre. The facilities at this venue provide us with a fantastic dance studio, large performance stage and outside play area. We are fortunate enough to be able to use the whole venue during our workshops which means during our breaks and lunches throughout the day, the children can see the onsite animals and play on the grass and playground whilst they make new friends. We believe that this allows the children to not only build their performance skills but also build their confidence and create new friendships that last a life time.



Dance is such an important part of our workshops as it helps build their co-ordination, motor skills, balance and agility. They develop a sense of rhythm and musicality when learning sequences of movements. 


On arrival the students are given their own scripts with the scenes and songs inside.This also includes a front cover which they are welcome to colour in themselves. We help them develop their character work and storytelling in they acting sessions during the workshop so they feel ready for the performance on the last day.



The children learn about how to warm up their voices and the importance of taking care of your voice before singing. We believe that singing from a young age should be fun and exciting. It helps them learn how to express themselves and they end up singing the songs all day.


Our holiday workshops pride in being a fun environment. So we help the children get creative by making their own props for their performances, but also encourage them to colour and draw they ideas on the theme of our workshops. We had some wonderfully painted cactuses for our Encanto Workshop.

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